Windows Phone 8.1 Update Now Available | 4/25/14

April 25, 2014

The Developer Preview for WP8.1 was released on Monday April 14th, and with it the Xbox Music build 2.5.1330 for Windows Phone 8.1.  Information on this Phone Developer Preview OS can be found @


Today the first Store update for the 8.1 Developer Preview Music App went live in the Store.  Users once they update their Music App from the store will start to get version 2.5.2842 .   This is part of the continuous releases you can expect with the WP8.1 Music client for the coming year.   

In release v2.5.2842  you will find:

  • Numerous stability fixes, including many of the reported black screens
  • Full Cortana integration including playing Playlists by name

  • UI Polish to improve animations and transitions between UI views

  • Improved messaging for encountered errors, such as unplayable content in collections


Some of what is targeted for the series of coming releases:


  • Continued focus on Stability and Performance improvements

  • Background initial sync of local and cloud content (Note:  This had been targeted for the last store update, but we pushed it out one more release to do some additional testing)

  • Fast Forward/Rewind by sliding progress bar in a song

  • UX layouts on buttons and metadata in now playing to better utilize space and make for better interaction

  • Support for large play queue(including playlist) greater than 100 songs

  • Improved load times for long lists through better list virtualization

  • Swipe Gesture to Advance on Now Playing

  • Live Tile and Transparent Tile support

  • Design & Layout improvements to get you to your content faster

  • Kids Corner support

  • UX improvements (Search result grouping, creating new Radio Stations, improved Network status messages, Blue UI language alignment, and more)


The next Store release of the Music App is coming within the next 2 weeks.  We will continue to update this site with coming features and releases, and if you haven’t, be sure to visit and enter and vote for the features you want to see next.


Thanks,  The Xbox Music Team

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